Des Cendres


Des Cendres, symbolizes a newly invigorated self, represented by a symphony of brisk woods, sumptuous florals, and animalic leather.
Rising from the ashes of pain and loss, a new person emerges, like a phoenix.

“Des Cendres was inspired by the connection to wild life, finding myself, in nature among trees, flowing water, and animals,” says Les Abstraits founder and creative director Eugen.
“The harmony of nature, I learned, could be reflected within.”

Des Cendres starts off with a green herbal blast of violet leaf and fresh tuberose cut with bracing galbanum and anise. The tuberose mellows into velvety, sensual lushness, settling onto a bed of smoky, resinous birch tar and leather, with a judicious visitation by hyraceum.

Everything we need, Des Cendres seems to say, is already right here.

Perfumer- Antoine Lie

Top notes:
Galbanum, Birch Tar, Pine Tar, Clove, Mint,

Mid notes:
Violet Leaf, Tuberose, Leather

Base notes:
Patchouli, Vetiver, Hyraceum, Oakmoss

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Contenance : 100 ml.
The brand : « Les Abstraits »

Like life, perfume constantly flows and evolves from one moment to the next, and yet, there are moments that are indelible…that leave a mark on the soul and memory. Les Abstraits (The Abstract) was born of Eugen’s desire to reflect on the art of life as seen through the world of perfume. In collaboration with master perfumer Antoine Lie, Eugen has created three fragrances that convey the entire range of human emotion, from profound heartache and loss, to the joy of emerging on the other side. Les Abstraits’ complex and emotional perfumes vibrate with life, lingering in your imagination and heart long after they’ve evaporated from your skin.
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