The After Calendar


Limited Series. What if we extended the magic of Christmas until New Year’s? This After Calendar offers you the essence of the Bistro in a beautiful case containing 7 gems.

  • A candle: Timeless Gingerbread from the Alps.
  • A shower gel: Timeless (250 ml).
  • A small heart in silver-plated brass, pierced by a core of solid perfume, adorned with an elegant satin ribbon.
  • Pillow mist 30 ml, Special Edition “Midnight Jasmine.”
  • Turmeric virtues: A unique, innovative, and 100% natural well-being product whose composition enhances the plant’s effective potential.
  • Winter olfactory wardrobe: For an olfactory experience with 7 unique fragrances (Anthology of Grand Crus, Timeless, The Abstracts).
  • A 22 momme natural silk pillowcase that will take care of your hair and skin during your sleep.
  • 165€ – Taille de la boite : 33 cm x 22 cm – 5 en stock – 1kg 200-

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