The “Silk Dream” Set


Immerse yourself in the sumptuous world of relaxation and elegance with our “Silk Dream” Set, a unique sensory experience that combines the comfort of silk with refined aromatherapy. This exquisite set includes a silk pillowcase of unparalleled softness and a 30ml pillow mist meticulously crafted by the French Atelier des Matières.

Silk Pillowcase (Size: 50 x 60 cm):

Our silk pillowcase is more than just a bedding accessory. Crafted with the finest silk fibers, it offers a silky smoothness that provides optimal comfort while preserving the beauty of your skin and hair. Dive into restorative sleep and wake up feeling luxurious every morning.

Midnight Jasmine Pillow Mist:

The pillow mist included in this set was created with meticulous attention to detail. We collaborated with perfumery experts to capture the essence of jasmine in all its nuances. The jasmine absolutes, known for their anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties that act on a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, are harvested from the beginning to the end of the season between June and October, forming a unique olfactory mosaic. Combined with centifolia rose absolute and precious sandalwood, the mist releases a creamy and enchanting note that transforms your sleep space into a haven of peace.

Modern and Refined Harmony:

The harmony of this pillow mist is a modern symphony that blends mid-harvest jasmine, centifolia rose absolute, and album sandalwood, renowned for its distinctive creamy note. To add a touch of surprise and sophistication, we’ve infused Swiss clary sage essence, bringing an unexpected dimension to this extremely refined composition.

Discover the “Silk Dream” Set and let yourself be carried away by the subtle fusion of luxurious silk and captivating aroma. Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury of sleep with this exquisite ensemble, designed to awaken your senses and wrap your nights in unparalleled softness.

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