“Choosing a perfume is more complicated than choosing an outfit. You wear it every day and those around you encounter it in every situation.”

What could be more difficult
than choosing a perfume?

During her experience in selective distribution, Valérie noticed a few things:

  • Some clients have been wearing the same perfume for years and won’t change for any reason. (This trail has often impacted a perfumery’s history.)
  • Others change perfumes quite often to try out new releases.
  • Still others don’t wear perfume anymore because they find it all too similar and don’t see anything appealing about current perfumery trends.

Le Bistro de la Beauté does things differently, offering a selection of perfumes made with incredible creativity and premium ingredients. Our unique collections never go through consumer testing, so they retain their rare qualities. To choose your signature scent, meet our perfume expert at the perfumer’s organ where she will provide detailed fragrance recommendations.* It will be a lovely adventure behind the scenes of fragrance creation.
*By appointment only.

Fragrance workshops:

A good way to escape everyday life,
and put your olfactory memory to work!

Come explore behind the scenes and see how a perfumer takes raw materials and prepares them for use in perfume.
You will see natural raw materials and extraction techniques.

Learn the perfumer’s language about raw material olfactory families and perfume classification.

Fee: €50 per person by appointment only.

We offer nine complementary modules for those interested in continuing the workshops. (Details will be provided during the introductory module.)

We are also available to present during business seminars.
(Feel free to contact us for more details.)

New! Meet with a perfumer and create a custom fragrance. (By individual appointment, price upon request.)