Perfume Opus: Jasmin de Chérifa


“…in the Fakhry family before speaking about natural extracts used in the fragrance creation, it is essential to begin by visiting the fields – located just over an hour’s drive north of Cairo- and specifically the botanical garden where Cherifa and Hussein cultivate with passion quite an impressive variety of aromatic plants.”

“ For the creation of this fragrance, we asked them to elaborate Jasmine absolutes from their fields by isolating the flowers from the early, middle and late crop in order to have the full spectrum of jasmine harvested each year from june to october. The perfumer has sculpted this very modern scent based on a subtle harmony between the middle crop jasmine, the centifolia rose as well as the most precious sandalwood -album specie- with its typical creamy, rich and captivating notes.

The clary sage essential oil from Switzerland adds a surprising touch to this extremely elegant construction.”

Contenance : 30 ml.
Composition : Jasmine absolute Grand Cru Egypt: 2,2%, Rose absolute centifolia Grand Cru Egypt: 0,17%, Sandalwood album oil Grand Cru: 6%.

Weight 0,280 kg