Perfume Opus: Vetiver de Pierre


“…this perfume needed to capture the dry earthy notes present inside Pierre’s factory in Les Cayes (Haiti), when the vetiver roots arrive by van, and are laid out in front of the distillation workshops. Time stands still for an instant, the oppressive heat crushes the landscape in an almost blinding white light, the fresh scent of the roots overwhelms the surroundings.”

“…the black cocoa absolute from the Ivory Coast, the blond tobacco absolute from Turkey, the tonka beans extract from Venezuela, as many raw materials, rough, ideal to help shape the Vetiver and carry its release without distorting this powerful material whose olfactory impact steadily increases over time. A simple architecture which could reminds us of the small cigar workshops in Santo Domingo -which having passed through the doorway of a back-street boutique- immerses us in an atmosphere that combines together the odours of different tobacco leaf vintages, often blended with wild and confectionary notes.”

Contenance : 30 ml.
Composition : Vetiver oil ‘spécial’ Grand Cru Haiti: 22 %, Tonka absolute Venezuela: 2,2 %, Cacao absolute Ivory Coast: 0,9%.

Weight 0,280 kg