Oranger Sirocco



ORANGER SIROCCO was born out of a desire to imagine an olfactory landmark, a sensory compass that is both bright and joyful. This ‘Eau de Parfum’ embodies a return to simpler values, presents itself as an ode to life, and aims to be somewhat contemplative. From the first notes, the mind is carried away by a warm, shimmering wind of sand, on the other side of the Mediterranean, in the heart of an orange blossom grove. With closed eyes, scents and sounds intertwine: the powerful and intoxicating fragrance of orange blossoms, echoing the distant hustle and bustle of a souk, where the aroma of spices mixes in waves, saturating the regular breath of the sirocco.

Orange blossom flower absolute Morocco 3%
Petitgrain oil Morocco 2,4%
Royal Cinnamon Laos extract “Grand Cru” 0,6%

Maturation: 1 week
Maceration: 2 weeks

Weight 0,2333 kg